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Rules and Fees

The Weybridge development is subject to a variety of local laws, jurisdictions, taxes, community services, and homeowner policies, including:

Weybridge Fees
Weybridge residents pay $200 per quarter, due on the first of January, April, July, and October. The fees pay for:
  • landscaping maintenance (over 90% of the expenses, currently provided by Brightview)
  • every-third-year driveway coating
  • other minor expenses of Weybridge management.
Muirfield Fees
Muirfield residents pay $2.25 per $1,000 of assessed fair market value, due annually in February. The fees pay to maintain:
  • roadways and entrances into sub-divisions
  • fences and mailboxes, including periodic replacement
  • a large walking trail system and associated green zones
  • recreation areas, including swimming pools, tennis courts, ponds
City of Dublin
Dublin taxes pay for garbage and recycling pick up, green waste collection, snow plowing (streets and roads), police, and many other municipal services.

Delaware County and Washington Township
Delaware county property taxes are paid twice yearly in February and July. Taxes include coverage for Washington Township fire and rescue services, election operations, property records, and more (fees are broken down in tax statements mailed to property owners).

Homeowner Rules
Association rules are documented in official Muirfield and Weybridge documents available online. Most deal with homeowner property modifications, particularly externally-visible home and landscaping modifications which are subject of a long list of rules and an approval procedure designed to keep the properties within the Association at the high level valued by property owners.

Other rules relate to homeowner responsibilities for maintaining the aspects of their property that are not maintained by the Weybridge landscaping contractor, e.g. watering the lawn and shrubs in exceptionally dry conditions, tree trimming, house painting and repair, roof, chimney and driveway repair (except for bi-yearly coating).

Property Modification Rules
Most of the 43 rules are specified in Section 3 of the Muirfield Property Handbook which list the items subject to rules, provides links to the specifics of each rule, and further links to the form that needs to be filled out to obtain approval for changes. The Muirfield Association board is the final approval body, but the Weybridge board must be consulted first.

The change procedure:
  1. If desired, consult with Muirfield's architecture and/or landscaping consultants ahead of planning any major changes; Muirfield offers up to 1 hour of consultation time for free, described in the last paragraph here.
  2. Fill out an approval form; you can request assistance with the form if desired
  3. Submit the approval form to a Weybridge officer, who will facilitate its consideration by the Weybridge board
  4. Upon approval by the Weybridge board, we will send it to the Muirfield board for their review and approval
  5. You will get a written response from the Muirfield board.
Forms for the most common modifications are also available in the Resource Center on this site. It also contains the Weybridge Landscape Request form you can use to obtain help with your planning and request for landscape or architectural changes. If you have questions about the process or specific concerns, feel free to consult a member of the Weybridge board.

Weybridge Rule-Related Documents (available in the Resource Center)
  • Weybridge Warranty Deed
    Lists general property use rules (e.g. residential use only, no renting except to relatives), rules relating to relations with the owner of the residence with which you share a common wall and roof (e.g. common wall modifications, shared costs, right of purchase, insurance information), external storage, drape and curtain color, vehicle parking, garage door rules, trash, maintenance, insurance, rule enforcement, etc.
  • Weybridge Code of Regulations
    Spells out the rules of Weybridge governance, including Board operations, corporate structure, etc.
Muirfield Rule-Related Documents
The Muirfield Association web site includes all the documents and policies covering property rules and the various articles of incorporation, as well as information on how to contact the association, office hours, meetings, and so forth. For example, key documents include: