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Weybridge pest problems

posted Aug 9, 2017, 6:40 AM by Weybridge President

Weybridge grubs, worms, beetles, and moles

It's been an interesting landscaping summer in Weybridge, as several residents have noted. We recently reached out to our BrightView landscaping services team and Tyler Clemans gave us the following notes:

I have spoken with our IPM care specialist as well as our TruGreen Rep. Our IPM specialist informed me the damage that folks thought was from beetles was more in part due to the cicadas from earlier in the season. He did treat for these at the time.

As far as the moles, we are seeing much more mole activity all throughout Columbus this season which is largely due to the extreme amounts of rain we have received. The softer ground conditions allow moles to travel very easily through the upper ground surface. The moles feed largely on earth worms that are also at the surface due to ground saturation.

At this point we should not be seeing anymore beetles this season as their life cycle should be coming to an end. They are only alive for 30-40 days after hatching.

During the next round of treatment by TruGreen they will be paying close attention for any signs of grub damage and will inform me of any necessary treatment.

Please contact Brent Kleihauer, our Weybridge Landscape Chairman. He can be reached at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com anytime.