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Photos from Mabel Clapp's 100th Birthday Weybridge Celebration

posted by Weybridge Trustee   [ updated ]

This week the Weybridge Ladies Lunch celebrated Mabel Clapp's 100th birthday at the Worthington Inn. Thanks to organizer Sharon Foster for sharing the following photos!

Weybridge Celebrates Mabel Clapp's 100th Birthday

posted Sep 17, 2018, 5:25 PM by Weybridge Trustee   [ updated Sep 17, 2018, 5:26 PM ]

Today -- September 17, 2018 -- is Mabel Clapp's 100th birthday and we are delighted to celebrate with her!

You can celebrate with Mabel and the Weybridge Ladies at their monthly Lunch -- this Thursday, September 20th at the Worthington Inn.

Need a ride? Contact Sharon Foster at 614-659-7819 or apple50000@aol.com

Weybridge September 15, 2018

posted Sep 15, 2018, 5:59 AM by Weybridge President

Weybridge Mole problem

Weybridge HOA have received several inquiries about the mole problems in our neighborhood. This year our lawns are in a health condition and have been treated for grubs, but we still have seen a lot of mole activity. Wildlife control is the homeowner’s responsibility, but here is a couple of suggestions before hiring an outside critter control company. 

What Do Moles Eat?

1.    Moles are not rodents but insectivores subsisting exclusively on bugs, larvae, worms and other invertebrates. Therefore:

2.    Moles do not eat plant material. Their dental structure is suited for worms, grubs, and the like. They even eat fire ants.

3.    Most often, it’s the best kept yards that have the worst mole issues.

4.    We discovered a matrix of surface tunnels. The mole (we presume just one) was essentially soil surfing looking for invertebrate tastes and quite heedless of the collateral damage. Our enriched garden beds had lots of worms. Good for us and good for Mr. Mole.

5.     Moles dig three kinds of tunnels, though all types may not be present at every site. There’ are the surface tunnels, but think of them as the top layer. Under them lie the main tunnels used to move about and these tend to be permanent. And then there are the nests, larger spaces filled with grass, roots, and leaves for nesting and winter protection.  

What really works?

The only two methods of effectively controlling moles are to (1) to use a bait that they are attracted to OR (2) to physically remove them. A fairly new bait that has been proven to be effective is packaged and sold in the form of a worm. The attractive smell and taste that is incorporated into the worm, together with Bromethalin (the active ingredient that poisons the mole), makes for a lethal combination.                                                

To determine if a run is active, stomp it down flat then check the following day to  see if it is pushed back up. If the tunnel has been repaired, it is usually an active tunnel and should be considered for trapping or baiting. Mole traps and baits are available at most hardware, home repair and farm supply stores. These products are usually under $20.  Worth a try before hiring a critter company to set traps and remove them


Weybridge lawn mowing update

posted Sep 11, 2018, 8:35 PM by Weybridge Trustee   [ updated Sep 11, 2018, 8:36 PM ]

BrightView, our landscaping provider, has advised us that they will be mowing a little differently this week due to the recent heavy rains.

They will be mowing this week, but they will be a bit more selective on where they mow. They will mow anywhere that will support it -- that is, areas that won't sustain turf damage from the lawn mowing equipment. Some low-lying or poorly-drained areas may still be too wet or muddy to safely support their gear.

They feel a little long grass -- temporarily -- is better than rutting up yards and tearing up turf, which could easily become a problem into next year. They'll resume a more normal mowing pattern as the ground firms up.

Questions? Contact Brent at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com.

Shrub pruning set for August 31

posted Aug 23, 2018, 9:07 PM by Weybridge Trustee   [ updated Aug 23, 2018, 9:08 PM ]

BrightVew Landscape plans to be in the Weybridge neighborhood on or around Friday, August 31 to perform a touch-up shrub pruning (date dependent on weather). This pruning is only for new growth, as a follow-up to pruning from earlier in the summer.

If you have shrubs or bushes you do NOT want BrightView to trim, please put brightly colored ribbon on those shrubs and bushes.

Please contact Brent Kleihauer, our Weybridge Landscape Chairman. He has ribbon on his front porch if you need some. He can be reached at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com

Dry lawn? Don't forget to water!

posted Aug 14, 2018, 8:46 PM by Weybridge Trustee   [ updated Aug 14, 2018, 8:46 PM ]

Do you have brown patches in your lawn? Perhaps it's a result of our recent dry spell or maybe drainage on one part of your property lets water run off faster than others. Whatever the cause, if your turf is dry and the grass isn't thriving, you may need to water the lawn.

Some folks wonder whether our landscaping provider should handle these brown patches. Sadly, no. Bare patches of grass and dying grass are the responsibility of homeowners. You may need to water or re-seed to keep your lawn green. In fact, the Weybridge Warranty Deed requires residents to provide water to their lawns as needed (see section 4-B).

Any questions about how to care for your lawn? Feel free to contact our landscaping expert, Brent Kleihauer at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com.

Weybridge Shrub Trimming

posted Jun 8, 2018, 11:04 AM by Weybridge President

Shrub trimming June 11-18

BrightVew Landscape plans to be in the Weybridge neighborhood sometime next week (June 11th - 18th) to perform shrub trimming (dates dependent on weather).

If you have shrubs or bushes you do NOT want Brightview to be trimmed, please put a brightly colored ribbon on those shrubs and bushes.

Please contact Brent Kleihauer, our Weybridge Landscape Chairman. he has some ribbon on his front porch if you need some. He can be reached atweybridgelandscape@gmail.com

Law Enforcement Week May 12- May 13

posted May 10, 2018, 6:27 AM by Weybridge President

Light Dublin Blue to honor law enforcement this week

Public Information Officer Cameron Keir from City of Dublin · 1d ago
Photo from Public Information Officer Cameron K.

Wednesday kicks off Light Central Ohio Blue Week. Do you have your blue lights yet to honor Dublin Police and all Central Ohio law enforcement?

Light Central Ohio Blue is a coordinated effort to honor fallen police officers and to show support for men and women currently serving in law enforcement. The City will participate by lighting the Justice Center, City Hall, Dublin Community Recreation Center pond and the 5555 Perimeter Drive Building, which will be the future City Hall. Additionally, blue lights will be added to the Emerald Parkway and Avery-Muirfield bridges over US33/SR161.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to participate by changing porch light bulbs blue or placing a blue light in a window. Blue bulbs are available at most businesses that sell light bulbs, including local hardware, grocery and home improvement stores. You can learn more here: http://dublinohiousa.gov/newsroom/dublin...

Landscape Update

posted Apr 23, 2018, 10:24 AM by Weybridge President

Weybridge landscaping update

Brightview, our landscaping contractor, Will start Mowing this week and Areation of lawn will be done. So please mark any sprinkler heads in your yards to prevent damage. extra flags are located on the front porch of Brent home 9396 Muirkirk Dr if needed. The mulching should be completed by May 15. I also wanted to update everyone on what happened due to the Street & Curb project last year. New soil and grass seed was applied and will added and maintained through out the season this is a ongoing project. you will see penn-mulch and soil added as it settles and levels to our curbs. We will be working with the landscapers to take care of this, so please be patient.

Many bare spots under trees and in front yards were noticed during our review. Inquires have been made asking what our landscaper are going to do about these areas. Let me remind everyone that reseeding and leveling of front and back yards is the responsibility of the homeowners. Fresh seed and a Penn-mulch (seed accelerator) can be applied. Once applied, however, residents should mark the seeded areas so they don't get disturbed by mowing. 
As always, the goal is to have Weybridge ready for the Memorial Tournament, but again the most important Weybridge asset is the people who live here. Our friendly residents make the neighborhood a wonderful place to live because of their kindness and involvement in their community. Thank you to all the volunteers who make up the Officers and Homeowners Board of Trustees!

Thank you, and enjoy the spring!

Smart Meters are coming to Weybridge

posted Jan 19, 2018, 12:09 PM by Weybridge President

Smart Meter

You’ll be seeing AEP Ohio in your area in the coming months as we begin installing new smart meters in your neighborhood. It’s a simple process of upgrading the old meter for the new, with a brief power disruption of only a few minutes. Your neighborhood will be notified by mail and phone approximately three weeks in advance of the meter exchange.


Your new smart meter helps keep the power flowing, improves response times and speeds outage repairs. After the installation, AEP Ohio will no longer need access to your property to read your meter — simplifying the billing process by eliminating estimated bills. Your smart meter will also give you the power to manage and control your energy usage, helping you save money without sacrificing your comfort.


You can go to this web site https://www.aepohio.com/info/smartmeters/default.aspx

For more information on Smart Meters. There is also a video on that web page that shows just how Easy the new smart meter is to install

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